Anastasia at the Greek Bible College

Meet Anastasia! A first year student of the Greek Bible College, 19 years of age from Cyprus. I have known her since birth, but she came to study at the college right after she was diagnosed with cancer.

Nothing, not even cancer, could stop her from pursuing the study of God’s word! She says: “God has prepared me well for this and I can feel His peace in my life, and I know that it’s all part of His perfect plan for me!” After a year’s intense treatment, weight-fluctuations, hair-loss, she flew to Israel to get the latest diagnosis. When she came back with news I was in tears: “The results from Israel came out and it turns out that the cancer is GONE! They said that there are no signs of disease and I’m clear from it!”

Anastasia is now certain that she wants to continue studying God’s word at the Greek Bible College and get her degree in order to serve others. Why am I introducing Anastasia to you? Because I feel it such a privilege to know her and serve her as her teacher and mentor in Athens, a role from which I have so much to learn and I cannot wait to enter into!

Her experience is a powerful inspiration to me: “I felt that God was telling me a storm was going to break and I would have to go through it. I couldn’t avoid it, but with His help I would overcome it and come out stronger. The storm has now passed, but I’ve grown so much as a person and learned so much more about God’s love and grace that it made everything worth it.”

One thought on “Anastasia at the Greek Bible College

  1. What an awesome and wonderfully loving God we worship and serve! Thanks for sharing. May the teacher and her student continue to be surprised, deeply moved, and amazed by His Grace.

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