Hello my dear friends,

I am excited to invite you to my new blog. I am now working on my Ph.D. in Cambridge University, preparing to return to Athens next September to work at the Greek Bible College. Doing a Ph.D. is very isolating and, as a matter of survival, I need to talk and share my thoughts with you while I am here.

An unshared life is not worth living!



8 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Glad to be on this continued journey with you. I can’t wait to hear more about Papa God, you and the people He has for you to influence for His honor and glory.

  2. Thanks for inviting me along on this journey, Myrto! Even an M.A. has been isolating in some ways, and I agree that blogging is a great way to connect people with what you’re learning. I’m so excited for you to begin teaching! Blessings as you finish up your dissertation.

  3. Myrto mu,

    So glad to be able to get all your news!
    I am excited to be able to “walk with you” in your ministry.
    I cannot do what you are doing, but surely I can pray for you to do it well, with God’s help.

  4. You are a delightful and shining example, inside-out, of what our Heavenly Father can accomplish in the life of one of His loving and loyal daughters. You are in my prayers and thoughts as you complete this arduous but most rewarding segment of your life’s journey, in preparation for the challenges that await you come September.

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