Biblical Studies and Theology

Affirmation and Critique

American Philosophical Society

American Theological Inquiry

Andrews University Seminary Studies

Animus: The Canadian Journal of Philosophy and Humanities

Ars Disputandi: The Online Journal for Philosophy of Religion

Asian Journal of Pentecostal Studies

Αστήρ της Ανατολής

Australian ejournal of Theology

Bible Society

Bible Translator


Princeton Theological Seminary: Biblical Repertory, & Princeton Review, & Theological Review, Catalogue of Princeton Theological Seminary

Biblical Studies

Bulletin for Biblical Research

Bulletin for Old Testament Studies in Africa

Bulletin of the Evangelical Theological Society

Cambridge Papers

Christian Reflection: A Series in Faith and Ethics

CLC Journal of Theology: Lutheran

Council for British Research in the Levant: CBRL Bulletin

Christian Conference of Asia: CTC Bulletin

Cuneiform Digital Library Journal: CDLJ

Cuneiform Digital Library Bulletin: CDLB

Cuneiform Digital Library Notes: CDLN

Cyberjournal for Pentecostal-Charismatic Research

Δελτίο Βιβλικών Μελετών “Άρτος Ζωής”

Kairos Journal

Περιοδικό ΘΕΟΛΟΓΙΑ


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