Fill your night…

ImageAs I am preparing to have a re-enactment of the Jewish Passover with my students of Hebrew, as we are getting ready to read foundational texts of our world’s history I have been thinking of Passover night, again.

And once more I am so moved at how, in a few hours after the sun went down, during the night, God invaded history and gave the greatest battle ever won (Exod 12:11-12). It is mind blowing when you bring it down to temporal terms. From the time you close your eyes in bed to the moment you open them in the morning, the world is recreated! But the “night” in scripture is more than that…

While you sit in your night, while you are eating in bondage you can either eat in anticipation of deliverance or you can eat in Egypt’s misery.

But Passover and Christian Easter show that the night of God’s people is filled with significance and hope. Our night is a mere covering for God’s outworking of the end of human oppressive powers, he is completing the end of this world order. Your night requires alertness, anticipation, even song, because OUR night is different than the night of others.

May your night be filled with Easter.

With lots of love,



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