Meet a friend of mine…

ImageLydia is one of our brightest students at the Greek Bible College. She came to our college in September 2011, after finishing her BA in Education at Democritus University of Thrace. She comes from a small town in Thrace, called Alexandroupoli, from northern Greece where she grew up and came to faith.

Lydia loves theology and ministry. She is the type of person who gives her full attention and energy in the classroom as well as in ministry. She has been active with teaching Sunday school and she is also a faithful volunteer in a center which ministers to street kids in Athens. She plays with them and shares her faith with them. Her warm and cheerful personality wins everyone over instantly.

Lydia came to the College with a vision. She sees theology as inextricably linked with any other vocation one could choose for their life and her burden is to continue focusing on children; particularly, children with special educational needs. Her long experience in ministry to children which involved summer camps, conferences, youth groups and Sunday schools showed her the increasing educational problems that children face which become obstacles in their discipleship. These problems include dyslexia, hyperactivity, lack of concentration, abstract thinking and more. She realizes that the message of the gospel needs to reach these children in a way they can understand it, in a way that it is accommodated to their circumstances. Therefore, the next step in her mind is to seek an expertise in Special education and to use this profession more widely for the church in Greece.

Lydia is opening new avenues of getting the message of Christ across to an “unreached” group that we often overlook. Her love for theology and her burden for special children are unique elements in her that God is bringing together for the service of His kingdom. 

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